My Mother's Broiled Bananas

Maybe it was smelling the banana-y perfumed air as I made her broiled banana recipe on this January snow day that made me need to write about her. I remember her serving me those cinnamony-warm broiled bananas, with her mile-a-minute smile.

I remember her homefries, too, their warmth sizzling with oil, salt, melting paprika and love. Their just right outer layer was carefully browned with the right degree of softness. The essence of my mother. And her love for me. I wish I knew how to make them.

I remember her running into the rink with her skates on and usual whirlwind of motion, laughter and chatter, her long, dark braid flying in her breeze. Her dancer’s body carried the grease-stained blue and white bucket of fried chicken and thick-cut fries for my brother and me, to eat together and laugh on the bleachers with her. Loved the crispy bits on the bottom. Still do. This is how I remember her.

Maybe I need to write about her today because I’m sitting in front of the coffee maker, and she loved coffee. My mother gave me my start in the kitchen by simply allowing me to be there – to enter the kitchen as a teen, and find my place there. The place that fed me. Maybe I need to write about her because it’s her birthday month, and I miss and appreciate her. Thank you, Mom.

Recipe: My Mother’s Broiled Bananas


  • 1 banana

  • vegetable oil to rub on cookie sheet

  • cinnamon, to taste

  1. Preheat oven to broil

  2. Peel and slice banana once lengthwise, cutting the banana in half

  3. Separate the two banana halves, laying them on a greased cookie sheet

  4. Broil approximately 10 minutes or until starting to get a little brown and is soft when poked with a fork or spoon

  5. Can serve on its own or with oatmeal, ice cream, melted chocolate, fruit, and with anything else you’d like.

  6. Serve with a hug and enjoy!