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The edible gardenist for schools


the edible gardenist™ for schools

I provide consulting and professional services to educators and administrators. My school garden programs will teach them to implement garden-to-table activities in their schools year-round.

Educators will learn how to start their own school gardening programs. Through these programs, students will develop an awareness of how to nourish themselves with homegrown food, all while relaxing and playing in nature.


The edible gardenist™ for families

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for families

I believe we want more with our family food - more than the daily juggle and struggle of what’s for dinner and trying to get our kids to eat healthy. I believe we want to grow, gather, cook, laugh, linger, connect and enjoy our family food together. Through my multimedia family programs, I will teach you to develop a DIY garden-to-table lifestyle in your own home—so you can get something more from your family food.

With hands-on activities, your family will develop a better relationship with the food they eat. Children will learn where food comes from and feel good about themselves in the process. My programs will provide your family with an opportunity to slow down, relax and connect around family food.