Growing Family Food Indoors: Pea Shoots & Microgreens

Planning a recent family garden to table workshop, I thought, what could I plant indoors in January that would be quick and easy to grow, and succeed over a short period of time? The answer: Pea Shoots and microgreens! Why did I wait so long to do this?! Really, this project is so easy with practically guaranteed, successful immediate results (1-3 weeks). Delicious dipped in dressings on sandwiches or in stir-fries, pea shoots and microgreens are tasty treats. Here’s all you need to grow your own food indoors:

1. Supplies

- Seeds: You can easily order online or buy at a local nursery (pea shoots & microgreen seeds)

- Containers: You can use anything you can poke holes in. I used small, plastic indoor windowsill containers that came with lids. I’ll be able to re-use these for future plantings.

- Soil: You will need one bag of soil for planting. Ask your local nursery for the type of soil they recommend for this project.

2. Preparing to Plant

- Soak the Pea Shoot Seeds in a container with slightly warm water the night before you’ll plant them. Microgreen seeds don’t need to be soaked prior to planting.

- Cut holes in the bottom of your containers for drainage. I used a scissor and turned it side to side to make sure the slit I cut became a hole that water could drain through.

3. Planting

For the most hands-on experience, have the children put the soil in the containers and assist with each step of the process.

- Add water to the bag of soil, 1 cup at a time, until the soil is slightly damp, not too wet.

- Place the seeds close together on top of the soil, touching and tap the seeds gently, do not press the seeds down into the soil.

- Water slightly, if needed, to be slightly damp.

- Cover with clear plastic lid, if you bought little greenhouse planters for windowsills or can cover with plastic.

For the next few weeks....

Check seeds daily to remove lid or plastic as soon as seeds start germinating (growing) and check daily to see if the seeds need watering. Keep the seeds damp and that’s it! Watch the babies grow and watch the delight on the children’s faces, as they experience growing something with their hands and heart, gathering together to harvest, dip, cook and eat their tasty treat. Enjoy your homegrown family food!