Kitchen Playground of my Soul

Hillary marra, March 2017

What if I landed there, anyway
Kitchen playground of my soul
Potential realized
The place I call home
Not to run, hide or play small from lack
It was my place, kitchen playground
It had my back
To nourish me and my seeds
Stand out from the weeds
For the someday that is now
It’s not what is seems
Kitchen playground became
My garden of dreams

What if I could feel
Evolution was real
Going back to the earth
Bring forth my seeds to give birth
I began to realize
Like the magenta radish I prize
Feeding my soul
Salad party in a bowl
Dreams so sweet
Into the earth planted my feet
Sturdy, strong, ready to grow
Then, an abundant harvest to show
Buried beneath the ground so deep
My seeds of childhood
So sweet I weep
Delivered now to believe in the call
The land will provide whenever I fall
My childhood garden
Kitchen land of dreams
How we play as a child
So much more than it seems

I was always meant to nourish and birth
This big bold garden party in me and the earth
Destiny was the calling so loud
Feeling modest and, yes, now finally proud
Of me showing up, waking up to the call
The land would provide
I would not fall

From my kitchen party land of dreams
I didn’t know
What I would (know now and) finally sow
What I would reap
Share with others, not just mine to keep
I listened and acted, feeling the tug
Like lettuce leaves touching, beginning to hug
Feeling the light
Taking flight
It was always there
Laughter, loud and round
Like a playground ball, bouncing on the ground
The lure of the kitchen
The beginning of it all

I showed up and answered
It wouldn’t let me fall
I answered the call, loud and strong
And now I feel whole, I finally belong

If I open my eyes
Like the radish I prize
Look deep inside
Eyes open wide
To feed my desire
Feeling the fire
To be given the chance
And finally dance